Terrorist Attacks Around The World

You know that world is the only place that humans can survive but slowly due human activities earth is becoming the last planet where humans will be safe. It looks like people are ready to move to the newly discovered planet GJ730 which is rotating around a star and has high possibility of supporting life forms. But the sad thing is that it is not earth! Earth had supported life forms for so long but we were being experimental beings and have almost destroyed earth with our experiments.

People are dying because of some one else science project. Terrorist are attacking innocent victims in name of finding justice. International terrorists are loitering spring freely in this world whereas innocent are pleading for freedom. For example, Mr. Trump who is just a presidential candidate have given out statements about how no Muslims should enter America. He has a huge discrimination against Muslims! It is certainly not like all Muslims are terrorists or all blacks are thieves!! People should stop these kind of stereotyping against other people! They are also human beings who needs to be loved and cared for. Because of the statement Mr. Trump issued and he also gave hints about how Muslims should be sent out of America, several kids are being affected. You will find so many social sites which shows how children’s react to these. Four year old kids are packing their favourite dress and their favourite toys because they are in fear that at any moment army would arrive at their doorstep and force them to evacuate America. It was one of the most saddest things to see. You can look for cctv security cameras in Sydney to keep your self protected.

Syrian civil war is another place where kids with dreams of better future are praying so hard for living to see another sunrise and sunset. It is hard to understand why international courts can not put a world wide search warrant for these international terrorists. Moreover technology like retail store video analytics which have been made available to general population. This have advanced features like facial recognition; license plate recognition and several other features which can be used by various governments to detect the terrorists and criminals.

It is better to give capital punishment for these offenders than place them in a jail. They have connections everywhere and they will again start their terrorism. It may sound harsh but it is easier to puck out the weeds among the harvest rather than burning the whole harvest off. Similarly, just because some or even few people are doing the mistake and the whole of their groups is affected because of this behaviour.